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Originally Posted by Hydro Junkie View Post
ERNIE, HOW AND THE HELL DID YOU FIGURE THAT ONE OUT SO QUICK????????????????????????????????????
And here I was, thinking it would at least make it though the weekend
I guess we all know what that means, ERNIE'S UP AGAIN
Hydro Junkie; How did I figure it out? Well, your first two clues were:
1) This plane was big and fast
2) It was designed for one service but ended up, in a revised form, in a different service

The second clue (use of the word "service" and your own history) made me think American; and "ended up, in a revised form, in a different service" eliminated a lot of possible aircraft. After eliminating American aircraft that weren't picked up by another service, "big and fast" left me thinking of the Super Constellation, the Rainbow, and the Rapier. As soon as you dropped the third clue about it having two engines, that only left the Rapier.

It may not all make sense, but it kind of follows a pattern. Yeah, I know; my logic is all screwed up. But it keeps working, so.... I'll have something up shortly. Thanks; Ernie P.
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