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Originally Posted by Mabelsanca View Post
Good I just read the post, because I have been very worried, I am also a holder of one of the first K70G2 and today I will have done with it from 15 to 18 flights and at the moment without surprises but I am afraid it happens to me and I can not land the whole airplane in one piece. I just sent an email to the manufacturer, because I think I understand Barry, apparently it does not happen in all of them but who guarantees to me that mine will not fail!

Equally the wisest thing I think it would be to stop flying and send it for its update, to see that they answer me, I need more light about it!

I personally wouldn't stop flying, but knowing there may be a potential problem, probably keep it higher in the cone, so if there's a problem I could still try to glide it in. But if you are concerned, please feel free to send it in, but we just don't have an upgrade at this point, so it will at least be in the queue.

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