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Hello guys,I will try to do my best to explain the timing.
On ALL Multi cylinders CDI Starting with Twin Uneven timing MUST BE 30 BTDC.
For Correct timing DO NOT GO BY WHEN IT SPARKS !!!!! For SOME CDI spark is when magnet comes in touch with sensor, some when magnet leaves..
In this case for SAITO Engines the 3 CYL CH-RCexl CDI timing should be as follow :
Static timing 30 BTDC when magnet and sensor first come in contact.
Spark occurs when magnet leaves the sensor and that is around 5BTDC when RPM is under 200 to prevent kick.
After engine startsand is above 200 rpm spark is when magnet enter the sensor.
Saito is usually really good with precision tolerance -etc.
I do not have a FG 60 to check the timing but I will be more than happy to check one up if someone sends me one.

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