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To be fair to the investigation process of metal failures, yield strength testing / investigations are very complex. There are many parameters that are considered when coming up with a final report of what went wrong. I hope that when Barry says they are looking into this that they are using a metallurgical lab that identifies material defects and structure failures.

The information coming out of that lab is only as good as the factual information we help provide to Barry on the conditions at the time of failure. The who's, what's, when's and where's are important. A turbine failure for a winter flyer at high altitude and ambient temps in the 20's may not be the same for me who fly's at sea level with an ambient temp of 102F. I remember a time that used turbines being flown in a certain area were being sold here and causing allot of issues. When looking into all this, the people selling them weren't telling folks that they were being flow in a sandy area and the engines were basically getting sand blasted internally.

Again, just trying to be fair to both sides. Failures happen.
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