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Default 3 CYL CDI Timing

Gentleman, It is not much I can say on this and I do not want to throw stones at any one.
What I think happen it was a misunderstanding /lost in translation on how the CDI should work.
I am quite involved with RCexl on developing the CDI's in several visits in China latest one this year in February and work
closely with the development team. I kinda enherated the technical support for RCexl and I answer many questions for many people.
Due to let's say language barrier some time they can not quite understand all the meaning on people issues and they ask me to take care of that part.
I try to do my best and help everyone as best I can with my limited time. (full time job, CH Ignitions and Keleo)
The 3 CYL CDI I have installed it since 2013 on many of the FA450 R3 / 170 / 200; the way I describe it above.
I just talk last night again with the programmer and he confirmed that the program did not changed at all since 2012.
I had a FG84 and I check the timing and yes I get the Green LED ON around 47-48 BTDC and OFF around 25 BTDC.
I am not sure why Saito did this maybe they have a reason behind that I do not know that and I do not comment...I may be dead wrong.
Similar issues were noted with NGH and EME engines, anyway back to this....
I re-time it may way on 30 BTDC on magnet touch.
I pull the prop drive OFF ( take out the set screw) and used a puller to take it off.
I used my piston stop from my Timing kit ;do not use the 10mm in the kit, that is for 2 stroke ONLY!!!, If you use it on 4 stroke engines you may bend a valve !!!
I used the 10 to 1/4-32 adaptor nut and the 1/4-32 piston stop. Clean all good and put locking compound ( not quite necessary but for the hack of it) with the shaft against the P stop at 30BTDC turning the shaft CCW against the P stop.
I put the prop drive back on with the 1st magnet that turns Green after the RED LED, that is CYL #1. Now got to make sure you put the P stop on cyl #1. I started to tighten back slowly to get it closer
to the sensor and rotate the Propdrive until I got the Green LED to come on. At that point I tighten the hack out of it. and let it to set. I forgot to mention that I put a Prop on the shaft so I can tight the nut like I said. The shaft have a cut out for that setscrew that I said at the beginning, that little thing does not do to much other than help to set the prop drive in the correct position. It will not prevent TOO much the prop drive to spin on the shaft. It helps but like I said...not to much, it shears easily if you have a prop strike, if you have a hard landing and prop heat the ground it can shear and before you knowing the engine will run like crap or not at all. One way to check on original set up is to align the set screw hole with the hole on the cam cover on cyl #1. Life is beautiful if piston is TDC and the holes inline. If not you have to re-time the engine.
I have not started yet the engine as I had to go to work this morning...YES I work SUNDAYS...LOL.
If is not to late when I get home and still some light out I will test run the engine and may take a video and post it here, it is an FG 84 ...but same timing thing.
Ok I got home , and I got the engine mounted and started the engine. Here is the video I promise .


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