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I wrecked my 30cc Ultra Stick. All my fault...finally got the VVRC 40cc Twin to run like a top...and I landed short, hit the top of a WWII aircraft bunker, flat...and did a number on my landing gear and fuse. The wing has slight damage, and will recover, but the fuse is another story all itself. I ordered a new fuse and tail feathers. I cleaned out the carb and intake area of the engine and all seems clean. Since the airframe hit flat...all I did is peal the gear off clean, and near perfect condition. So all I need to do is RNR some gear and switches, mount the engine, and cover one wing tip. She will fly this coming weekend. All the electronics seemed to have made it ok.

If I could figure out yow to post pictures I will post pictures. Any help here would be nice.

Soft Landings Always,
Bobby of Maui
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