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Originally Posted by Sonny.C View Post
Hi Benjack,
I had a Torqpro-70 in my mustang and ended up replacing it with a DLE-55RA for 2-reasons.
#1 - Idle and midrange operation tended to be unreliable and the plane suffered a couple badly positioned dead stick landings. Luckily the plane didn't suffer any damage during the deadsticks, but I could have very easily torn up the plane due to an engine out situation.
#2 - The Torqpro-70 vibrates A LOT (compared to a DLE-55), and I believe eventually there would have been structural issues with the airframe.

The DLE-55RA provides the Stang with plenty of power for me.

Hope this helps,

I am not ready to give up on it yet. The DLE 55 I am sure will pull a two bladed prop around just fine. I am using a four blade biela. I agree the first run on the plane the vibration was bad. After some consecutive runs and taxis the vibration has decreased. I have had some issues that is probably vibration induced, such as two screws for the landing gear stripped out in the wood. That could be from vibration. Like I said, the vibration has decreased from the first start. My problem is with the needle settings. At factory it would not hardly start and leaned out and died on the ground. So I am still in the getting the needles set right phase. I got one really short flight out of it and sure enough, it would not turn up rpm enough. Got it in the air, made a left hand turn and brought her around and landed it. I did get the cg lined out. User error lol. Its hunting season now. I will worry with it next summer. Thanks for the reply though Sonny, it is much appreciated.
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