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I bought mine about a month ago. The new ones are comming with no color scheme, They are painted all silver. I wanted to do my own color scheme anyway so no big deal. On a positive note the fiberglass extereer is excelent and worth the extra time to correct the problems.. In my club three members have the same plane. They all have the same problems. Wings are loose and the supporting structure falls apart. I asked Mike about that and he said it is mostly due to not balancing the spinner and back plate. One of my club members fiberglassed all the internal joints with the exception of the canopy. It was fine except for the canopy latch leting go and it blew off. The other issue is the geometry on the main doors.

I have a cargo trailer for my planes but I wanted to be able to transport mine in my SUV to take it to Joe Nall while towing my camper. I made the rudder removeable to fit. I will be using an RCGF 60 CC rear exhaust engine with Sierra pneumatic mains and scale tail gear. Yes Darrell is making gear for this plane.

The wing tubes are a sloppy fit the and the aluminum brackets use 5 mm socket head screws that were not tight. There was no tread locking compound used. I added an access hole in bottom of the fuselage and unscrewed all four screws and then used medium locktite on them before socking them down. I then wrapped the large wing tubes with one layer of 0.0007 thick polyethylene sheet (from home depot) used west system epoxy with a thickening agent and coated the inside of the fuselage tube. Then slid the wing tube and plastic sheeting in and let it cure. This is risky but my tube came out OK and the fit is perfect now. I fiberglassed all of the joints with a layer of glass cloth and west system epoxy.

The spinner if very heavy and way out of balance. I had planned to balance the back plate and spinner separately but every time I mounted them together it changed. I ended up balancing them together with a keying mark so I can align them.

Right now my cowl is cut only for the exhaust openings. I am looking for advice on the best engine cutout for cooling.

Access holes for wing tube brackets

Fiberglass on internal structure

Engine Install

I needed to shorten the engine mounting posts

and cut out the back plate for the carb

Unusual tail gear

I needed to get creative on push push steering setup and servo operated doors
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