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Originally Posted by Desertlakesflying View Post
I've seen my share of DA's that never run right sooooo.......
Itís usually operator error when a DA doesnít run right. Usually set up issues. If a DA doesnít start by the fifth flip after the choke pop, something is wrong. Iíve never been ďbitĒ by a DA, but have been by DLE and others, including Zenoah, the old work horse of gas. Another nice thing about DA and their engines, If the owner wrecks his plane and engine, whether he bought it new or is second or more owners, DA Repair only charges for parts and not labor. Not sure about the other companiesí engines. I really donít care what you buy. No gain or loss to me. I just want the most reliable engine for planes that maybe a true kit built where time in the project is more valuable than the cost. If itís an ARF, wreck it, just buy another. Big deal!
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