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OK, sports fans, this is a new resin printer, the creality LD-001

Click image for larger version

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After much frustration and the pulling of about 40% of my hair, I now have a file in the printer that will print two tires at once. I'm using ExPatTanker's design for the tire. I also plan to try tail lights like the ones I just put on my Q60.

Click image for larger version

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These were done on the CR-10 FDM printer, so I think it will at least be interesting to get a side-by-side comparison between FDM and SLA. Filament vs UV, so to speak. The tail lights are also ExPatTanker's fine design. I'm thinking about mirrors. Mirrors of several types to cover a range of the new trucks. I need some help with design, though. Any takers? At the least you'll get some better mirrors from the resin printer. Those (as well as tail lights) I can send anywhere for the cost of a Christmas Card.

And driver's, guys. I need a file for a driver figure, even if it's headless and we get the head from verlinden. Naturally anyone that helps will get drivers, as will everybody else and his brother if they need 'em. You guys know me.
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