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Hi Nitroandgas,

Neat Fan! I have been printing those for TF Pilots for just over two years now. Quite impressed, that you can print them in ABS without warping. I use BDP which is a bit more temperature stable than ABS and a lot less toxic when printing.

Two small details to maybe improve your Design:

1. mine has a small lip to align the fan properly. The spinner backplate fits tightly onto the fan and its perfectly centered. Its also an indicator that the fan is perfectly round which is sometimes an issue with FDM printers.

2. I would definitly add some bridges to the bottom. You have a lot of mass on your fan (its a lot thicker and longer than my design) and I would be quite worried about centrifugal forces. You will have temperatures around 60-80 up front there and using ABS this could become an Issue...

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