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I think the ultimate would be SLM, and I could print parts in brass.

I can't get my new SLA printer to print. Hmmm, kinda like my boomerang won't come back. The problem is somewhere in the software (most likely operator error) but I get everything to work like it should until I put the USB bar back in the printer. It shows the file I just downloaded, no problem, but when i hit print it tells me to get bent (it tells me that simply by refusing to do anything at all). The only thing that will print is the test print that's built in, but I really have very little use for a bunch of cubes with holes in them. BUT, the print quality on the test print is superb. Light years ahead of filament printers. Another advantage is this - if I want to print a tire on my FDM printer (CR10) it will take about four hours. If I add another tire to the print it will take about 8 hours, and longer for every tire I add. In the SLA printer it takes about four and a half hours to print one tire, but if I add seven more tires and print eight at once it takes ... about four and a half hours. That's because it prints an entire layer at once, instead of traveling around and putting down filament.

So since I can't get the resin to go I guess i'll try a new trick on the CR10 and see if I can scale up some jerry cans for my 1/6 Hetzer.
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