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Hey Guys, thanks for the replies.

The Z zero is set when you level the bed, and seems to be OK as the test print ran fine. The USB bar seems to be reading OK when it's in the printer so I think things are connected OK. The software is called 3D Creator and I can import an stl file (the same file I use in my creality FDM printer) and I can add support and preview and slice it and export it to the USB bar and when i put the USB bar back in the printer the file shows up on the screen as ready to print. That's where stuff goes kerblewie. What's supposed to happen - hit print, screen comes up for light settings, set for 75 seconds first layer, 10 seconds thereafter. Hit print, screen goes to in print mode and printer prints. What's actually happening - the first time I hit print after downloading the screen goes to "preparing file for printing" and then does nothing. I let it sit as long as two hours and nothing changes. If I then hit Home it goes home and i can then hit print and it shows the file again. I hit print and this time it shows the light setting screen, as it should, but after setting and hitting print it just does nothing. I'm totally at my wits end. If i can't solve this issue it will have to go back. The good news is that if i do have to send it back I'll stop fartin' around and get the peopoly kit for $1,200. More than twice as much, but tried and true and plenty of support for stuff like this current snafu. And all the reviews are raves and it's said to be a high quality, excellent performing machine. I know part of my problem is that this LD-001 printer is brand new from creality. cura doesn't even recognize it, but then, cura doesn't recognize any resin printer, as far as I know.

So if anyone else has ideas i'd love to hear them. I've tried different methods for exporting to the USB bar, and exporting from different folders, and they all act the same. There's a guy on youtube that has one and he's using a beta software package and i'm hoping he'll share. I'll keep y'all posted. I know a lot of guys are watching this to see how it goes before taking the leap into resin themselves, so i really hope i can get things sorted. Oh yeah, on the test print the quality is light years ahead of my FDM printer, You can barely detect the layer lines and little or no clean up is required. It's frustrating in many ways, but one is that i can't wait to see what kind of results I get with small parts, like tail light buckets for trucks, which i happen to need right now. Then there's truck drivers, and the list goes on.
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