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Sorry to hear still no love from this thing. You will love the resin printer if you can get it going. There is nothing better for detail parts. The Moai is a nice machine. Personally I would get the Form2. Its a bit more - but they are industry standard for the resin printers. But the Moai should be great too.

You mention this: "cura doesn't even recognize it, but then, cura doesn't recognize any resin printer" - I wonder if the printer is waiting for some kind of G-code or move command code to say "go", and that Cura is not adding it? Its like post processing CNC G-code, after the machining program is written it has to be translated (post-processed) for the specific machine controller.

Is Creality support available? Surely being in China they are not closed for holidays? One other review of this machine mentioned some issues that tech support had to resolve.

Would like to see you make some stuff with this machine.

Frustrating for sure...
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