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Originally Posted by Spychalla Aircraft View Post
Rev, I don't know on the need or demand for such wheels, but I do know that to smooth out 3D printed parts there is a modeler named Damon (DAG) who sells engines via Atwood Aviation. He gives his engine crankcases an acetone bath. Not sure if it is acetone sprayed on or dipped, but it smooths out the rough 3D printer paths well. You may want to experiment. Or contact DAG as he generously shares the knowledge he has. Leo
Thanks for your answer. I have been in the 3D printing hobby for over six years ;-). Acetone mist is used to smooth out ABS prints. It only works with this type of plastic. Problem with ABS is that its highly toxic when printing, has a nasty tendancy to warp and the Acetone smoothing process is not only highly flammable but toxic too. Something you do not want to do very often as a hobbyist. Apart from that, it is an enviromental desaster in production and recycling.

I print with a material called DBP. Its 100% eco friendly, tough as nails and has a very high "glass-temperature*" of 100C. (PLA is somewhere around 55-60C, ABS 90-100). The only two downsides are 1. its expensive and 2. it cant be smoothed with ABS mist.

*The temperature the material becomes soft

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