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Originally Posted by Glowgeek View Post
Anyone worn out a Saito piston ring?

I've torn down my preowned 82 a half a dozen times to trouble shoot and replace/clean various parts. Looks like everything is a go now except maybe the ring. Each time I reassembled it with the ring gap in the exact same position to minimize break in wear. The first 4 times I torn it down the ring gap position was in the exact same spot after running. These last two times it wasn't, it had rotated 45, then 90 and peak rpm is down from 9700 to 9350. Idle is now unstable at 1900 where previously it was rock solid. I checked the intake tract for leaks, tried a new F plug and the valves are seating perfect so maybe the ring has had to re seat too many times?

Some of you here seem to have run endurance tests on Saitos, really put them through the wringer. What say you?

Generally on larger engines most folks tend to avoid placing the end gap in the middle of the thrust face. Many assembly manuals specify the preferred stagger at assembly.


Double check, those screws may be 5-40 . Just a wee bit smaller OD at .125"
They were quite popular back in the day.

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