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Because if they are going to make a 100cc or bigger inline twin or triple gas engine i'll buy it and it's going in this thing

And get flown like this,nice CARF mustang boys

Originally Posted by Glowgeek View Post
Speaking of springy, I received the new valve springs for the 82. The free height of the new springs is .005" LESS than the old ones. Didn't bother to install them, nothing wrong with the old ones.
Glowy when you took the barrel off your fa82 you can grab the big end of the rod and try to pull the piston out without putting a finger on the top of a valve,it takes a lot of pulling if all is good.

Now,an analogy if i may,please bear with me.Most,but not all diehard motorcycle riders will read motorcycle magazines and use the internet to read motorcycle related articles/blogs...where they discuss among other things what a motorcycle manufacturer has just patented for use on next years models,and what everybody thinks is a fair guess at size,performance and weight figures.Motorcycle manufacturers as a group suffer from the same leakers that gummints around the world do,right or wrong.
My question relating to SAITO fg engines is this...does anyone here know where you can go to get a peek at what saito are or may be producing in the near future??
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