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Originally Posted by the Wasp View Post
boy, I like the Hog, but it's a bit bigger than I want, but maybe I will buy one, but I will have to look a bit longer to see if I can find something a bit smaller, but just as sporty,

actually I am looking for 2 birds, one for my HP 61 and one for my K&B 100, I would like planes in the 68"-62" span for the 61 and something like 64"-66" for the 100,

rather ARF or a build kit, any body have an ideas ??

Saito; yee doggy

Take those Hog plans to Kinkos. They can shrink them to any size you want. I did that with a Fly Baby and it worked out well.

How about a Venture 60?
I have a new kit. A lot like the Four star 60 but sportier. Many folks do a clipped wing version and they always fly well. One of the nicest kits you will ever see too.

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