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Originally Posted by Jesse Open View Post
Generally on larger engines most folks tend to avoid placing the end gap in the middle of the thrust face. Many assembly manuals specify the preferred stagger at assembly.
Not sure how this applies. I was primarily interested in your experiences with saito ring wear.

Originally Posted by Hobbsy View Post
It doesn't matter where the ring gap is, it works the same everywhere and since it's not pinned it won't stay put.
Not always, I've seen rings spin in full size engines and I've seen them stay exactly where I put them when I built the engine. I think it depends on the concentricity of cylinder, piston and rings as well as many other factors including but not limited to harmonic vibes. As I mentioned earlier I have seen them spin and not spin in this saito 82 as well.

As with Gary, I am interested in your experiences with saito ring wear Dave.

Originally Posted by Rudolph Hart View Post

Glowy when you took the barrel off your fa82 you can grab the big end of the rod and try to pull the piston out without putting a finger on the top of a valve,it takes a lot of pulling if all is good.
Yes Pete, it takes a lot of pulling with the valves closed, even more now that the valves aren't leaking.

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