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Originally Posted by Hydro Junkie View Post
You have to remember, a decade ago, an electric plane, of any type, was an oddity. Today, with all the noise restrictions and people wanting instant gratification, nitro engines are going the way of the steam engine in railroading. Why talk about a plane being nitro powered when the electric drive is much more user friendly and gas engines are much less "labor intensive"?
The boating world is the same way. Almost all of the commercially manufactured boats being sold are either gas or electric. If you want to run nitro, you have to look at Europe to get a competitive engine. I don't know of any nitro motors that are still being made in the US. People just don't want to have to fuss with needle valves or pipe pressure to get an engine to run. A gas engine normally has a pump integrated into the carb to draw fuel so needing to adjust needle valves and pipe pressure are done away with. It's no surprise that the AMA would jump on the easy to operate band wagon since it appears most there don't want to have to deal with anything that requires more than two or three brain cells

How is a gas engine less labor intensive vs. a glow engine?
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