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Finishing and painting

The model has been coated with 0,8818 oz (25 g) of fiberglass, which improves its structural strength and softens imperfections.

Fortunately, we should not worry about getting a "mirror" finishing of the surface, since, according to the sources consulted, the P-38 showed quite irregularity in the coating panels, the result of manual shaping and use. So, with a few water sanding passes the surface will be ready for treatment.

The last layer of resin is applied somewhat more generously in order to allow the carving of its surface with a calibrated ceramic cutter, simulating the joints of the panels.

A cheap device used to easily cut cellophane seals without damaging the containers, which can be purchased in stationery stores. This is the carving tool to make the joints panels.

Just to draw with a hard pencil the lines through which the joints of the panel pass, to lean on a ruler and to slide the cutter over them, "biting" a few tenths of the layer of resin. The result is good enough.
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