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Originally Posted by BarracudaHockey View Post
Part of this is Horizon/H-9 specs electric or gas so that's what was presented.
I know - I noticed the trend start way back when they introduced one particular mid-size model strictly for gasoline/ignition called the Meridian for 10cc - that's .60 size glow to you and me. Since then, it has been electric and gas/ign subjects only - even for their line of Ultra Sticks! Just trying to stir things up a bit hoping this whining can be heard through the chain of command and somehow make it's way to the top - you know - like a squeaky wheel would somehow get greased.

I posted a similar concern in the Glow Engines forum about a year ago here: Oh... the 'G' stands for Gas now(?) trying to generate some discussion but fell short. Is this what you would call a state of apathy? Doesn't anybody really care?

Glow won't be what it once was but thinking marketing and advertising is what would keep it - not necessarily well - but alive.
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