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Originally Posted by H5606 View Post
Yeah, but Saito is and has been; OS now is with Horizon since the absorption of Tower and Evo produces two stroke glow as well...

I would not exactly call Saito a house brand, Granted ever since Horizon evolved from Hobby Dynamics ( which was Circus Hobbies ) they have had the exclusive distributor rights to Saito. One of the only things they have been successful with distributing over the long term. They also had the distributor rights for Webra, Kalt helicopters, JR radios, IM products and a few others Im sure. The issue is when they start producing a house brand that is direct competiton for a brand they have exclusive distributor rights to. One way to limit sales of your competitors is to get exclusive rights for your region and then introduce your own product and push your product more then the other. They did that to JR with Spektrum, they are currently doing that to OS with Evolution. They did that to Kalt helicopters with the now gone Revolution and their Eflight Blade brand.

They are currently IMO headed the same direction of Tower. At one time they had competition modelers such as QQ, Peter Goldsmith, Mike McConville on staff there in Champagne. Not any more, they have what appears to be staff that thinks they can run a hobby business like Amazon. As evidenced by this product review they seem to not have a real grasp of what an experienced modeler is going to want to power a .60 size Warbird with.
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