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Hey Rav,

Not that it makes a big difference, the PNP included the lights installed so you can take $595.00 off that price. I think if you look at BVM or Skymasters PNP's in the same class as this jet, both of them are probably a few thousand more at the end of the day equally equipped. Oh Wait! That might be hard as neither of those companies offer functioning missile or bomb doors, CNC'd thrust vector nozzles and true scale lights like this F-22 has. I have to say that I personally think T-One Models construction and details put Jet legend and Skymaster jets quality as second class citizens!! The PNP price of $3,395.00 may seem high but when you get 13 servos, all the air controllers and electronic valves, fuel systems parts, lights installed and all the rest of the garb needed to complete the PNP, it seems like a pretty good price when we all know guys have paid $2-5k just to have a guy assemble a jet with no equipment. This still may be a big pill to swallow, but you know the difference between men and boys are the price of their toys. This is definitely on my radar and will be a new member to my hanger in the near future!! Keep the posts coming Gunradd, love them!!

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