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Still have one more vent to install on main tank
Started working on the fuel tanks. The plane comes with good fuel fittings not the crap you just throw away every build. It should go with out saying but you need to hysol the vents in after drilling and make sure you hysol the nipples into the main stopper.

I would say over 90% of turbine issues and flameouts are caused by the fuel system. I go the extra mile when setting mine up to avoid issues. I plan on having 2 vents plumbed into the two saddle tanks. Then both saddles will feed into the main tank with two vents installed on the main tank. The main tank will feed the UAT. I have a large UAT coming since Iím using a 260 and the main fuel tank is so long I can see it sucking some air near the end of the fligh during maneuvers.

You will Iíll never see me install a T or Y fitting in a fuel system. It creates added suction and is not necessary.

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