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Originally Posted by H5606 View Post
Yeah, but Saito is and has been; OS now is with Horizon since the absorption of Tower and Evo produces two stroke glow as well...
I stand corrected - Saito should not be considered house brand nor should O.S. for Horizon with Tower.

However, there was a time not too long ago when other engine manufacturers were advertised as choices to the consumer on Hangar 9 products.
Particular emphasis placed here on the glow selections shown in these pictures: Saito (still available through Horizon/Tower), MDS (no longer available), and the house brand, Evolution are all apparent here. Just including the pic of the Zenoah to make my point.

In addition to the OP subject, F6F Hellcat 15cc and the aforementioned Meridian 10cc, the latest releases in the last couple years don't include any glow ads or even a suggestion of an option as such.
Referring to these:

P-47 20cc
Carbon Cub 15cc
Ultra Stick 10cc
P-51 20cc
Valiant 10cc

What's the deal? Doesn't this look anti-glow to anybody else?

Since we're on this wagon of death for glow, why don't we see any 7.5cc offerings then too? What's holding them back; might as well put the last nail in the coffin and get rid of all the .46's now also.
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