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Originally Posted by jesse2357 View Post
wfield0455, I wish it was that simple. No matter how I set it up what ever pin 1 on the rex assist receiver is set to is what outputs on pin 1 of the cb200. Even if I set Pin 1 of the rex to ch 20 which is gear lights and the cb200 pin 1 set ch1 which is L. Aileron it still outputs ch 20 on the cb 200. I mean if the cb200 is going to output whatever the input receiver is outputting why even have a setting for it? I feel like there is a setting not correct that's causing this. I have a call into Danny, he was tied up when I called earlier. Hopefully he can help me figure it out. I ordered a Digitech expander but hate to add more electronics to an already electronic full bird. I mean this has a Rex 7a, 2x r3, cb200, cortex pro, gear controller, brake controller, light controller, ECU, dps40 electronic switch (feeds power to the gear light and brake contollers), and a wireless switch expander. Plus 10 actual servos.
Unless there is a bug in the Assist It really IS that simple. If you reassign channel 1 of the Assist to channel 20 and channel 1 of the CB200 is left mapped to channel 1 then it isn't channel 1 of the Assist will respond to channel 20 and channel 1 of the CB200 will respond channel 1. While I haven't done this with an Assist connected to a CB200 I HAVE done it with regular receivers and other REX receivers so unless there is a bug in the assist then you must be doing something wrong. If yuo suspect there is a bug in the Assist firmware then try assigning your R3 as the primary and connect it to rx1 and try remapping channel 1 of the R3. I know that works as I've done it many times..
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