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Originally Posted by AV8ATOR View Post
I haven't started mine yet. I am leaning towards the Saito R90 for reliability an ease of maintenance. I was thinking on waiting on the new UMS125 but I don't have any experience with this motor. It would definitely take care of any question on power authorty and balance issues.

One thing to consider is getting your engine serviced or repaired. I have an 84 and two 90's .Sending one back to Horizon is not an option I would entertain. I had a problem with one of them, can't remember which one, but I sent it to Ray English and the repair was completed in about a week at a very reasonable price. Ray is the one who designed the improvements on the intake and bearings on the original 84. His improvements are licensed to Saito and are now incorporated in the newer 90 versions. He lives in Nevada and always glad to answer questions. Valve adjustments are easy and not required very often. I just check mine at the beginning of each season. Plus, there are only 3 cyl. to adjust. Everyone loves the sound with the Keleo exhaust.
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