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Originally Posted by airborn900 View Post

What are the must do mods before you try to fly one of these?

Landing gear blocks
boom mounts

what else?
I have previously posted pictures of the mods I have done to my Falcons.
UC mods on page 184 of this thread.
I'll see if I can find some more.

My usual mods;
UC blocks and cutouts for trailing ARM U/C legs.
1/2" aluminium angle under rear deck each side extending forward to rear fuse former.
Dremel rear fuse to locate front case of turbine at rear deck step. (CoG considerations)
Remove covering on wings,, add real glue where needed and sheet.
Remove rear fuse formers, reshape to fit conformal tank and glue in with real glue.
Remove front fuse formers and replace with new one to allow nose retract to fit deeper into fuselage. (nose gear protruded in mine)
(reference to "real glue" is a dig at the factory over the "flour and water" crappy stuff they use)

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