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Default the out runner motor blues

How would one go about controlling a 3 phase DC out runner motor without going thru the throttle channel or some other channel?
I have been experimenting with developing a working hydraulic system for my model airplanes. the systems so far have used a turbine model fuel pump. these pumps are very expensive, around 400. dollars. I have found a pump made in China that is intended for construction equipment modelers for around $125 but the speed control provided with the motor requires the use of one r/c radio channel. This is not necessary on my system as the pump is simply "on'' or "off" and this function is controlled automatically by a pressure switch. Call for the gear "up" and the pump comes on and runs until the gear cycle is finished then shuts off when the pressure reaches 100 psi.
How can I do the same thing using an outrunner motor?
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