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Originally Posted by scottme262 View Post
Lt. Thank you, thats exactly what I was hoping to hear.

With that setup does it fly fast enough to look scale etc. Its so hard to tell without the experience of guy like you and I appreciate it.

BTW. what the spec on the Biela 3 blade you are using?

Thanks again
​​​​​​Biela Semi Scale Propellers 22X12. Of course the prop you use will depend on the motor you are using. On the RG90, it will fly faster than scale if you want and will pull hard through a big loop.It has a very good sound. If you are just starting out, you should use a 60 - 80 two stroke motor as recommended with the kit. It will fly great on that size motor.and you would use a prop size recommended tor that motor. AI can help you with the proper prop selection. You really need to find someone locally that flies the bigger warbirds to help you through the learning curve. You will really enjoy going to the warbird meets and make good friends along the way
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