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Originally Posted by Pond Skipper View Post
Kris, no mention of the radial mount or the plug adapter didn't like it?
You stated:
"My best version will do about 21700 rpm on the Cox 4.5x2 prop (and 10% nitro , but even the hottest Turbo plugs from OS are colder than the stock
glow head, so the throttling suffers and the engine tends to run very hot..."

Do you have any video of those results?
Yes, i liked it very much. The radial mount is a big improvement over the stock tank, that simply vibrated too much. The Turbo plug gave a large boost in power too, but the throttling was better on the stock plug as the low end is very rich. I wrote about those findings on the cox forum about a year ago, I guess.

I took a video last winter with a head/hat cam, but the hat was off and the engine was not showing in the video (dooh) so I never posted it on youtube....

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