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Kris, I had posted the info off the net just generalized per this search question:
Lets try to avoid the typical deflections and focus more on testing results. I am currently trying to sort out a G Mark .03 for performance.
Do you have any vid of the 4.5x2 hitting 21.7k, I am about to test that prop next cursory for those that like plenty of thrust.

Here is another test with the HQ 4x4.5 Carbon Prop looking for some more pitch speed I expect the thinner airfoil
and lower weight of the carbon mixed nylon prop has helped to gain some performance. Per this calc program Static Thrust Calculator - STRC

Static 21,560 rpm / 5.3oz thrust / .086 hp - 62w / 92 mph pitch speed very suitable for folks wanting some good speed. If unloaded to 26.5k / 113 mph

HQ Prop 4x4.5 carbon mix / G Mark .030

HQ Prop 4x4.5 carbon mix
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