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Default Down and Locked Retracts

I ordered a set of Down & Locked retracts for my Zlin. I got the Gold 120 size as they were the only set I could find that had the 100 degree sweep I was looking for. Of course after the arrived I had to try them out. One of the snap rings that hold the motor assembly in a housing popped out after four or five cycles. I put it back in and it popped out again so back they went.

My D&L retracts went out in the mail last Tuesday, April 9th. I haven't checked my email for a few days and was surprised to see an email from Mitch on the 11th. Here is what he had to say from that email.

Ken we have received and repaired your 120 series main retract set.

1) Problem, Snap ring and electric actuator was not retained in aluminum actuator housing.
2) Reason, Retaining ring groove was machined incorrectly.
3) Solution, Replaced actuators housings on both main retract mechanisms.

Ken only one of the housings had an issue but due to the fact they were both from the same batch of machined housings I decided to replace both housings.
I will further inspect the remainder of that batch of housing when I have sufficient time to determine if they need to be put back thru our machining process or not. Please accept my apology for the issue. You can rest assured they are repaired properly and are packaged for return shipment tomorrow 4-12-19. Mitch Stott

Mitch Stott

Down and Locked,LLC
1158 Chesnee Hwy

Columbus N.C. 28722

Can't complain about that service. According to the USPS tracking they should be here on Monday. In the little testing I got to do the retracts were quiet and smooth. They didn't have the loud whine that you hear from others. BUT whey weren't mounted in a wing which would act like a sounding board.

These retracts are much heaver duty than what I actually need. But, I think that will be a good thing as all the landing force is absorbed by the trunnion and locking mechanism. In a conventional setup, much of the forces are taken by the trunnion pivot pin. The trunnion only has to lock them in place.

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