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Originally Posted by franklin_m View Post
So a toy plane field is an equivalent of a hospital? This is about cost. Requiring delivery drones to avoid toy plane fields imposes a cost on commercial providers, costs in the form of longer flights, less direct routes, etc. The FAR easier approach, FAR simpler to implment, enforce, and execute, is to cap altitude for toy planes.

Kinda like the 400 foot in class G? Seems like someone was thinking ahead for this day...
This is going to get far worse before it gets any better. I see a major issue being the wide dissemination of incorrect information being presented as fact. Coupled that with simple old defiance of laws. How many "It's my right to fly" have we seen? I predict the hobby is in serious trouble without even knowing it. Will be interesting to see how the online test goes. Assuming it's a valid test and not some government give away, I also predict most modelers will fail it. At least the first time. And many who fail will then ignore the requirement or quit the hobby. Yep! Next year or two should prove interesting.
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