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Originally Posted by franklin_m View Post
I agree. The level of denial among the AMA acolytes is pretty astonishing. The AMA didn't have the clout to head off registration, didn't have the clout to preserve 336, and didn't have the clout to stop the most recent bill's limitations ... and yet they've got the clout to get airspace carve outs and exemptions to break what's pretty specific in the law? I don't think so.
I think another tell is the number of AMA pundits who can't even properly use AMA terminology. Simple words like charter and sanction are constantly misused. Not to mention the mass confusion over the two insurance options, member and landlord coverage. And some of the most vociferous pundits rely on field or club hearsay rather than research and verify things themselves. The mis-information is rampant. And is the AMA doing anything to dissuade the false rhetoric? Iíve not seen anything.

The online test will be interesting. I look forward to it even though I too have my 107.
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