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Interesting......... Consumer Technology Association is located in Alexandria, VA. Having lived some 15 miles from them for 10 years, I've never heard of them. But then, there are some 3500 tech related businesses in the greater DC area. But since they also have a drone as the main pic on their web site, I also suspect they are fairly new to the market.

Speaking of which, they tout themselves as a "trade association representing the $398 billion U.S. consumer technology industry". IOW they try to link up your company with other companies and agencies that can use your services and/or provide your company with some sort of service. A coordinator if you will for organizations with similar interests. But "Consumer Tech Industry" is a very broad term and can basically encompass anything electronic. Requiring a broad range of expertise which equates to a lot of employees, or at least a lot of contacts. I suspect they're stretching reality a bit.

Attendees at the meeting makes for an interesting list. But what I find interesting are those who were absent.

The meeting was held in Alexandria, VA. Less than 15 miles from downtown DC. Every major and most minor players in the Aviation Industry have facilities and personnel in the greater DC area. Many probably within a couple of blocks of the meeting location. Yet we don't see the FAA there. Nor Boeing, Lockheed, General Dynamics and a host of others.

Now some here will no doubt claim I am once again bashing the AMA. Not my intent. Never has been. Rather my intent is to make AMA members aware of the status of the AMA with regard to the rest of the aviation community. And to hopefully make the members aware that they need to start taking a more proactive role in the running of the AMA. That they need to pay attention to what the AMA is doing, who they're doing it with and more importantly, who they're NOT doing it with.

Industry and government have already relegated the AMA to an also ran status. IOW they showed up for the game but did nothing of importance and don't really matter. The only way this will ever change is through a concerted effort by the Membership. THE MEMBERSHIP! Relying on the EC is a fools errand. The membership needs to get busy and take back their AMA.
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