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Default Rudder - Nose Wheel Mix

I have a DX8 (Gen 1) and am making my first foray into programming a mix. I am completing a Top Flite Cessna 182 ARF and changed the wire nose gear to a Sierra gear for realism. In addition, I moved the rudder servo to the tail so that the control rod is much shorter to reduce any rudder flutter with a long (30+ inch) control rod. I have two Hitec 645 mg servos installed, so that I can program the nose gear to turn more than the rudder.
So far, I have been successful in mechanically increasing the nose wheel throw to have more movement in the nose as compared to the rudder, but I don't know how to increase the servo throw on the nose gear without doing the same with the rudder. And then there are dual rates that I want to work on the rudder, but ignore the nose wheel.

Here is my current set up:
In Switch Select: MIX is assigned to AUX 1
Rate: 100%
Offset: 100%
Trim: INH
SW: On

Both the rudder and nose wheel move the correct direction, but the adjustments are what are giving me the problem.
1. The nose wheel needs to move more when the Dual Rate is set on the 0 position for the land portion. I am not sure how to get more servo throw without affecting the rudder travel.
2. When I switch to 1 in dual rates, the rudder operates with a little more throw, but the nose wheel servo moves to a maximum end point and will not travel.
3. Same when I go to dual rates for 2.

There is plenty of throw in the nose wheel servo, I just can't figure how to change the programming to make it move more left and right. The rest is still need of total programming for Dual Rates. I don't have to worry too much about the nose wheel moving on Rates 1 and 2 since the gear does not retract, but would like to know how to keep it from moving. Since I land and take off with Dual Rates at 0 the movement for nose wheel is needed, but for Rates 1 and 2, only the rudder needs the increased throw.

I have searched the internet up and down and find plenty of mixing threads, but just not one for the DX8 and for this particular issue. It may be there, just haven't found it.
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