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No ďYĒ! If you are using a Y and one channel for the rudder, then the servo matchup with dual rudders was pointless. Because with the Y, you didnít set up independent servo channels. Did you turn the switches off to the extra rudder channel off? Otherwise it canít be used. You should have 1-throttle, 2-elevator, 2-ailerons, and 2-rudders for 7 channels total. Are you using Y for independent ailerons and elevator? Typing this out, I forgot about flaps on two channels. So, you need, or would be nice to have 9 channels. Something or all need to be a Y. Put the elevators and/ or the ailerons on a Y. They donít need adjusted once set up. This way you have independent adjustments for the nose gear steering, which might need adjustments more often.

PS- You could buy a smart-fly for a distribution bus, or match boxes.

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