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Funny, I was just getting back on to say the Y was not the thing to do. I do have a Y on either the one of the wing functions. Just going from memory, I am pretty sure it's the aelerons because of the recessed flaps on the 182. I may have to reprogram from the beginning. When I shut off the mix, I put a INH on the switch. Which shut down my Aux1..... Not a big deal if I was using the Spektum 8 channel receiver. My bad, I am using a Spektrum 6 channel for bench set up and preliminary testing. If you inhibit Aux1 like I did, there is no Aux2 or 3.....big DUH.

Once I readjust the Aux1 and make it active, I can assign the rudder to it. Reason for the 6 channel receiver is just so I don't handle or accidentally damage the 8 channel before putting in the plane.

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