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Originally Posted by RCFlyerDan View Post
I respect that! Thank you! We figured out yesterday that he doesnít have enough channels for independent servos. He needs 9 channels to have everything independent. He only has 8. I donít think that it is a C182RG? Just fixed gear C-182, but still could be turned off in the air.
So, yes, if you have a way to accomplish it, I can learn too.
I am thinking that I am ok for the channel count. I will be using the 8 channel Spektrum receiver and am using a Y connector on the Ailerons. This should free up a channel for the rest of the needs. I will hook up the landing lights to the gear switch for on/off ability. Then the nav lights will be on all the time and will use one of the 3 AIUX channels. I may be short, but I think I am ok on the channel count.
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