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Default New JS2 owner

Greetings.. Received my JS2 yesterday. Mostly favorable purchase. I find the weathering acceptable. The white stripping however could be toned down a bit. Maybe aged with a yellower shade of white. Applied thinner. Let some green bleed through. LOTS of bubbles in the white paint. Was somewhat surprised the hull mounted shovel tool was sprayed green and with cast iron texture. Lack of attention to detail from the finisher. Especially considering this is an EXPENSIVE model. Noticed the Torro and most other JS2's sold out of the USA, namely Russia, did not get the shovel sprayed turret green. The white stripping was less pock marked as well.

The tank does run spectacular. Smooth and responsive. The proportional smoker is the best Ive ever used. The effect is surprisingly good.

Build quality so far is very good. The factory needs better painters however for a $600 + dollar model. (recruit some Taigen Tiger painters).

If i could do it all over again, Id wait until they improve the finish. Too many flaws now.
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