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You do not have to fly at a MAAC registered site. You may fly from your own land or land which you have express permission to use and MAAC insurance coverage will apply to both the pilot and the landowner. We also have first party insurance of 7.5 million so we do not have to use personal coverage before ours kicks in. The key is to be a member of MAAC to be able to operate with the exemption. Your membership application requires a signature that you have read/understand the safety guidelines and will operate at all times within them. Since non members have not agreed to comply they have a more restrictive set of rules by which they may operate. A MAAC member not complying with the guidlines he has signed simply does not enjoy the exemptions and must comply with the same rules the non member uses. A MAAC member contravening the agreed upon guidlines does not effect the membership or organization he suffers the consequences of his actions on his own.

We also only have around 13,000 members but have retained a very good working relationship with Transport Canada.

14. The member of MAAC operating a RPAS within 3NM of an aerodrome outside of controlled airspace and identified in the Canadian Flight Supplement (CFS) or the Canadian Water Aerodrome Supplement (CWAS) shall, take-off, launch, land, or recover from either
a) a field sanctioned by MAAC; or
b) a field which is not sanctioned by MAAC and establish procedures to ensure that RPAS do not conflict with or pose a hazard to other aircraft in the vicinity.
15. The member of MAAC shall not operate a RPAS in such a reckless or negligent manner as to endanger or be likely to endanger aviation safety or the safety of any person.

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