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Jonathan at Laser Engines posted today on the British RCM&E website:

"Just a quick note for those who have been finding it difficult to contact us. We have this top notch all singing all dancing phone system that apparently does everything except make/take calls. Its one of these voice over IP internet phone deals and its great until the internet drops out..which it does 3 or 4 times a day. Sometimes its down for hours, sometimes minutes. We have tried convincing the company that installed it that its no good but they blame everyone and everything else, which is helpful.In any event, if the phone just rings forever and noone answers it then its likely the system is down and my phone is not actually working. In this case please email me with a contact number and i will get back to you when i can.
On a personal note my mother kicks off cancer treatment today with a 7 hour operation. Depending on the outcome today and her progress over the next few weeks i may have to take off work to help her and my dad deal with it. If that ends up being the case then things here will be disrupted which i am sure everyone will understand.
Thanks all."
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