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Originally Posted by SalocinM View Post
Also would I be better off building it? If so what materials would I need, and where would be the best place to purchase them?

I'm no stranger to building things either, I've helped my girlfriend with almost every architecture studio assignment with modelling and plans, and have also built many model cars.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Okay, I'm going to agree with Jester's recommendation of an Ugly Stick. A stick is, relatively speaking, an easy plane to build either from a kit or from plans. It would actually be fairly easy to mount floats to one as well.
With that said, building architectural and car models will only be of limited help when building an airplane. Where they will help you is that fact that you can read plans. Unlike an architectural model, where some parts of the structure are load bearing and others aren't, all parts of an aircraft bear a load of some sort. How much extra bracing you add or glue you use can also be an issue as the plane needs to balance, both along the length of the fuselage and across the wingspan. it also needs to be built as light as possible to make it fly, rather than just wallow around in the air. As far as materials needed, you will need the following:
  • Aircraft grade plywood of the appropriate thicknesses, normally listed on the plans. Home Center plywood won't work as it has voids, inconsistent gluing between layers and too few layers to have the required strength
  • Lite Ply of the appropriate thicknesses, again listed on the plans.
  • Balsa sheets of the appropriate thicknesses and widths. I normally like to buy mine a bit wider, in case the pieces are not straight, so I can square up the edges as needed
  • Wood, CA and epoxy glues. All have applications where they are needed in a build
  • Tools, if you don't them already. These will include clamps, razor saws, Exacto knives, squares, clamping blocks, sanding blocks, drill and bits, heat gun and covering tools as well as the always handy Dremel Tool with it's various accessories. I'm sure others have tools they can't live without since I know I do as well, too many to be listed here.
  • Covering of the desired colors
  • Radio gear as desired
This is a basic list, there is more that you will need to pick up over the course of the build. I didn't include the obvious things like landing gear, motor, props, spinner, etc, since you indicated you already have most of it.
As far as where to get these materials, I would start at a local hobby shop, if you have one in your area. Other places you can find materials include:
Balsa USA Shop - Balsa USA
Tower Hobbies https://www.towerhobbies.com/
Hobby Lobby
Local craft supply houses

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