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Originally Posted by GSXR1000 View Post
So there is 3 things canada has going better than than us, free healthcare, legal weed, and now basically hands off approach on rc flying from their government...
How do you think their healthcare is free? Just because you don't pay for services when you need them? Someone is paying for it one way or another. You might want to check out their tax schedules. And if as you seem to think it is really free, I'm not sure I'd trust such a system. Because you effectively sign control of your life over to the government every time you get the sniffles.

I prefer a system where my doctor is in competition with others for my money. Only then can I be assured of his best performance.

As for legal weed? Maybe next we can legalize drunk driving? That's basically what we get with legal weed. Talk to the police in Denver (I have) and ask what they've seen? Talk to the Michigan State Police (I have) and ask what they're now seeing? Regardless what the law states, people are toking and driving and it is quite obvious on the roads.
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