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Unhappy spektrum dx2.0 problems

ok, i purchased a used dx2.0 from ebay. not noticing it has been modified. it arrives. i put in the batteries. it powers on. i plug it in to my lrp sxx speedo, nothing. the speedo is on a flashing blue light. the sr301 receiver's green light is off. the servo is on but wont do anything. so i set up the speed control to the radio, nothing. just the flashing blue light that eventually goes red. switching the speedos connector the the opposite polarity to the receiver makes the green light on the receiver come on solid. so then i switch the servo and the light goes off. also, when switching the speedos connector the blue light on the speedo is solid blue as if it ready to go. nothing. pissed i look for the pdf of the manuals for the speedo, dx2.0, and receiver. only to find it is a modified dx2.0. the antenna on the radio says d link on it and is grey. also, the modified radio does not have the bind button or LED any longer because of the d link mod i suppose. i am so confused. i am pretty sure i bought a brick, which sucks because i purchased it to replace my traxxas radio and receiver that is suffering from range issues.. sorry for the long winded explanation. i tried everything. any help will be much appreciated. i looked everywhere online about the d link. nothing. thanks
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