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Default Thrust to weight ratios

I am curious as to what everyone considers acceptable for thrust to weight ratio in their planes.
This is a bit vague I understand, and I am trying to keep this generic. We are talking about jets here, of every sort be they sport or scale, swept wing or straight. I try to keep in mind what I have available for power when I try to couple a plane and engine in my builds.
I have in the past tried for 1:1 as much as possible. It usually falls to about .8 : 1 from weight creeping up on me. Occasionally I end up as much as 1.5 : 1. I have found I have great difficulty getting something as low as .4 :1 in the air at all.
From what I seem to see here in the discussions the trend seems to be about 1.2 : 1, but that might be colored by the selection of threads I read.
My current dilemma is how to power a number of built airframes, and the fact that a number of them want the same turbine ( according to the standards I have found reasonable in the past), so now it is decision time for purchasing the next turbine.
I have a paved runway to fly from, with a grass strip next to it, though it is only 300 feet usable length. Most of my planes are from 13# to 21#.
What are people's thoughts on acceptable ratios.
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