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Originally Posted by john491 View Post

How much does your son's Cougar weigh? It would be a good example.
I saw where he went from a 45 Newton to a 60 Newton.
If his weighs the same as mine that's .588 thrust to weight gone to .762 thrust to weight.
You indicated it flew scale like with 45 Newtons but was more fun at 60, so unless scale flight is the objective sounds like maybe .75 might be a target minimum.
I was just wondering what others were finding to be minimum for fun, keeping in mind we can always really overpower the plane and then use that toggle on the left.
Not sure what it weighed John but I think it was about 17lbs. It used lots of runway but after the first turn she got on step and flew nice but at a high throttle setting. The 60 makes it a whole different aircraft. He flies around at a much lower throttle setting and uses much less runway and the extra power if needed could get him out of trouble on a go around.
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