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I have made several large jets with low thrust to weight ratios. The largest was the Arado 555 that had 6 of my own design engines of 3.2 Kg thrust. The plane weighed 35.5 Kg so had a thrust to weight ratio of 0.54:1 when all the engines were running at full power. On one flight was had 2 engines stop before takeoff and had to proceed regardless as we were almost at takeoff. When we landed we found only 3 were running that gave a takeoff thrust to weight of 0.36 :1 and in the air of 0.27:1. on my Boulton Paul P111 the thrust was 0.77:1 and that was fully aerobatic and nicely scale, mostly being flown on 1/2 throttle.
It is very difficult to give figures as what is OK with one plane will not be adequate with another. Full size aircraft fly with surprisingly low thrust to weight ratios. The BAE Hawk is in the order of 0.325:1 and the original Boulton Paul P111 was 0.5:1.


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